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Lauren Absher, MPH, RD, CD
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My Story
I have always loved food. Growing up, my family would tell me that when I ate, I made food look good. I prided myself on being a "good eater." My mom gave me that label because I was always open to trying and eating all foods. No one in my family ever dieted, and home was where I first gained my belief that there were ways to find a balance to food intake without dieting.

I became passionate about nutrition in junior high and high school. I loved taking food prep classes and eating whatever we cooked that day. I also loved learning about the benefits of carbs, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Somewhere in there, the messages of good and bad food were introduced. Despite hearing those messages, I held onto my love of food, which led me to choose my career path.

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in dietetics in 2007 and a master's in public health in 2015 at Brigham Young University. 

While working as a dietitian at a residential eating disorder treatment center for six years, I became passionate about instilling the love of food in others. I gained extensive experience helping clients to develop a healthy relationship with food while they were recovering from eating disorders. And I've continued doing what I love in private practice since 2014.
My Role as a Dietitian

Have you read Intuitive Eating and felt frustrated, not knowing how to actually put intuitive eating into practice? Do you have a love/hate relationship with food? Do you feel like food is taking control of your life? Do you feel like nothing helps you to manage emotions as well as food? Are you ready to make peace with food but have some fears getting in your way? Are you afraid you don't know how to eat what you love in moderation?

If you want to:
  • Believe that change is not only possible but also worth it
  • Stop basing your worth on what you eat
  • Eliminate the constant rules going on in your head about what you feel you can and can't eat
  • Reduce the shame and guilt about food and exercise
  • Find balance without all-or-nothing behaviors about food
  • Be freed of the burden of constant worry over food,
 You’re not alone in these struggles. And you don’t have to feel alone! My role is to support you on your journey to a healthy relationship with food and your body.
What to Expect

I act as one of your support team members. Hopefully you will join me on that team! Perfection in meeting goals is not expected. I will meet you where you are at and help you come up with solutions to overcome barriers to progress. You will be involved in the goal-setting process so that we come up with a realistic strategy toward a healthy relationship with food.

Some things we are likely to cover include how to:
  • Restore health without feeling deprived
  • Identify strategies to combat disordered eating urges
  • Increase awareness of connections between food choices and emotions
  • Implement meal planning as needed and grocery shopping
  • Navigate eating out or social eating experiences
  • Find a balance without rigid rules, counting, or measuring
  • Trust that you can give yourself permission to eat a normal amount of food
  • Find ways to manage emotions without restricting, binging, or purging
  • Regain accurate hunger/fullness cues
  • Adjust to new food environments such as college, a job change, change in marital status, or a move
  • Discover and sustain motivation throughout the process
I take an overall wellness approach! I address other aspects of health that can impact health and food intake. These include activity level, sleeping patterns, medical conditions, and medications. I will encourage you to receive medical or psychological support as needed for certain conditions which may contribute to weight gain, weight loss, or unhealthy eating patterns.

If you have nutrition-related conditions that require diet modification (i.e. celiac disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, gastroparesis), I can address these as well. We can navigate what nutrition changes you can make to restore health and limit feelings of deprivation. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have before scheduling. I look forward to working with you or your loved one!

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